Arriving Soon


Double Ended Squeeze Bottles

Almost Ready. By mid May we will have our 16 oz "Double Ender"

squeeze bottle ready for market. New design features such as

one cap fits either end. We may offer in tint colors for sauce differentiation


Expiration Date Cap

Have the expiration date color coded with our date cap. Made in

standard day-of-week colors, you'll always know at a glance if the

sauce is ready to be discarded. Can be imprinted also.

Tray Side Wall Retainers

Turn your half size trays into bun catchers for a variety of toasters.

Just snap them on the side walls of the tray. Compliments our

"No more 5 Second Rule" Bun Tray.

Got an Idea ??

Send us a picture or describe your idea. It may be that you have

an idea that we can manufacture and you could participate in the


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